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The micro-location counts

The capital of the fourth largest advanced economy in the world is heavily underrated by European comparisons. Little by little, numerous national, international private and institutional Berlin investors with their continuous acquisitions are shaking at this status. Some micro locations like some parts of “Mitte”, “Kreuzberg” and “Charlottenburg” are recording annual price rises in the two-figure percent ranges. In view of a potential bubble, Elbe and Spree, however, are seeing the best possible price stability in the case of a potential negative movement in the market, particularly in these special micro locations. Based on numerous studies, the predicted rate of influx up to 2050 and the continuously growing demand however promise a long-term intrinsic value of the Berlin real estate market, regardless of potential temporary fluctuations.

Berlin, as a capital of the strongest advanced economies in Europe, remains a city with plenty of potential for growth.