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A safe port

According to the Global Wealth Report of the Swiss bank UBS (2014), Hamburg is the “richest city” in Germany. In relation to the total population Hamburg is ranked in first place of the list with 42,000 millionaires and 18 billionaires. However, even beyond the wealthy private households, Hamburgs diversified economy is ranked in top position within Europe.

Hamburg is a flourishing business location, a worldwide major harbor city, headquarter of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, cradle of Nivea and Montblanc, production facility of Airbus, and home of big insurance and media companies.

In European comparison, Hamburg was prognosed by multiple institutes, to continue to have the highest rate of population influx until 2050. The metropolitan region of Hamburg already inhabits a population of five million residents. The city itself has a population of roughly 1,8 millions - with an ascending trend.

Yet Hamburg's property market is still at a very moderate price level in the nationwide comparison, and offers lots of potential for a "stable" and sustainable growth - Hamburg, a safe "real estate-port".