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A safe haven

Hamburg is Germany’s “richest city,” according to a Global Wealth Report by the major Swiss bank UBS.

Hamburg’s 42,000 millionaires and 18 billionaires make it the country’s leader in terms of the proportion of its total population. However, Hamburg’s diversified economy also occupies a leading position within Europe beyond just its wealthy private households.

Hamburg is a flourishing business location, a globally important port city, seat of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, home to Nivea and Montblanc, production site of Airbus and seat of major insurance companies and media houses.

Various European institutes forecast that Hamburg will continue to have the highest immigration rates in Europe until 2050. The metropolitan region of Hamburg already has around five million inhabitants today, while the city of Hamburg currently has around 1.8 million inhabitants – and the trend is rising steadily.

The Hanseatic city is among the ten cities that offer the highest quality of life worldwide, according to the latest study by the London-based EIU Institute.

Hamburg’s real estate market still has very moderate price levels in comparison to the rest of Europe, and so the city continues to offer potential for “bubble-free” and sustainable value stability, as a “real estate safe haven”.