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Classy holiday properties in and around the charming Italian peninsula

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world. When we look it over, it is hardly surprising. The Italian peninsula is one of the best holiday destinations, whether we are looking for a cultural trip through the centuries of time; a relaxing pause in the nature watching the enchanted landscapes of lakes and the countryside; a calm, sunny beach by crystalline water or, last but not least the Italian Alps are home to some of the best locations for skiing in the world.

And no matter which destination you choose you will be able to enjoy delicious food, fine wines and the traditional Mediterranean atmosphere.

Italy is also strewn with art and beauty, from the Sistine Chapel´s ceiling of Michelangelo, to the outstanding architecture of the Milano Duomo; from the 150 canals and over 400 bridges of Venice to the hundreds of castles and palaces which were built throughout the entire boot.

Owning a holiday house in Italy

Owning a property in Italy will not only allow you to visit the country whenever you want and in the full comfort of your own home, but when not in use you can always rely on a rental agency to take care of the property for you and rent it to tourists.

If a person was to visit Como with his family, let´s say twice a year, 2 weeks in the summer to enjoy the sun by the lake, and 2 weeks in winter to ski in one of the many nearby locations, it only takes a few minutes of browsing to find that the prices for renting a nice home in Italy would more than warrant the investment in owning a property there. And an average size villa, I´m taking as an example one which we had recently on the market for about 1.5 millions, easily made an average of 40.000 euros in rental profit during the warm season.

Your service partner, at home in Germany and on the ground in Italy

However buying a property in another country can be quite challenging, a foreign language, different laws and tax regulations, and being in an unknown area it can be difficult to find the right local people to assist you with each phase of, first of all finding the right property for your needs, and then arranging all the logistics that go with the purchase.

We at Elbe & Spree work with trusted partners in Italy and we can assist you through all the phases of the research and purchase of your ideal property. You can work directly with one of our agents in Hamburg who will then coordinate with all needed terminals and help you take care of the various logistics. When you want to visit the property in Italy you would be taken care of by someone on the ground who can provide you with all needed information in English or German so that you can in fact find what you are looking for.

Como Lake

Historical Romance and Beautiful Nature

Como is perhaps one of the most beautiful and versatile holiday locations in the world. Right by the city you will be surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Como lake, just as depicted by the renowned writer from the 19th century Alessandro Manzoni in the novel “I promessi sposi”. Barely an hour drive from it and you can find yourself in the center of Milano, among architectural wonders and the charm of the greatest names of Italian fashion. And while in the summer you can enjoy the warm and sunny weather on the lakeshores, in the winter season you can be in about an hour drive right on the snowy tracks of a number of skiing locations where you will be able to snowboard, ski, or for the little ones have fun on the sled.

In spite of being immersed in the wonders of nature Como is just over half an hour from the Malpensa Airport and well connected with public transports to Milano and surrounding cities.

There are additionally a number of interesting locations within driving distance from Como which make for great day trip. For example in Verona, where the romantic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet took place, you will be able to stand by the very balcony depicted by Shakespeare. Monza, best known for its Grand Prix motor racing circuit, the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, which hosts the Formula One Italian Grand Prix. Or in less than 2 hours you can reach “Gardaland”, a huge amusement park for the whole family which has been ranked fifth in the top ten worldwide.


White sandy beaches and crystalline waters

Sardinia is a well-known paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean. Obviously, its sunny coasts and its white and sandy beaches are the first things that come to mind when thinking of Costa Esmeralda and other Sardinian areas, and rightly so, but beyond their beauty, as you move inwards of the island you will find a variety of landscapes. From green pastures to spectacular caves and rocky mountains, to forests rich of flora and fauna, with wild sheep, golden eagles, Sardinian deer and many others. Sardinia has some of the greatest trekking sites, which attract hikers from all over the world. Through these trekking trips you will be able to admire archeological sites, such as nuraghi giants´ tombs and Domus de Janas, museums, protected areas, wildlife reserves, military buildings of different historical periods, vineyards and the millenary olive trees of Sardinia.

Sardinia is easily reachable by ferry from Italy or France, or by plane through any of the 4 airports of the island. It is the second largest Mediterranean island and on it you will find anything you may need, from nice restaurants, to shopping centers, to the variety of local stores strewn with local delicacies.

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Ihre eigene Oase im Süden mit Renditepotenzial

Ein eigenes Haus in Italien bietet Ihnen nicht nur die Möglichkeit, das Land zu besuchen, wann immer Sie möchten, und dabei ganz bequem im eigenen Zuhause zu wohnen. Denn wenn Sie es nicht selbst nutzen, kümmert sich stets eine Agentur um Ihre Immobilie und vermietet sie an Touristen.

Würde jemand beispielsweise zweimal im Jahr mit seiner Familie nach Como kommen wollen, zwei Wochen im Sommer, um am Comer See die Sonne zu genießen, und zwei Wochen im Winter, um in einem der vielen Skigebiete in der Nähe Ski zu laufen, so merkt man schon nach kurzer Suche, dass die Mietpreise für ein schönes Ferienhaus in Italien die Investition in den Kauf einer solchen Immobilie mehr als rechtfertigen. Eine Villa von durchschnittlicher Größe, nehmen wir zum Beispiel ein Objekt, das wir vor kurzem für ca. 1,5 Millionen Euro auf dem Markt hatten, brachte während der warmen Jahreszeit mit Leichtigkeit um die 40.000 Euro an Mieteinnahmen ein.