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As the customer, you are the focal point of everything we do. We take the time to address your individual needs and wishes. We support you through every step of the process, starting with the purchase itself, whether you’re looking for a new home or a sustainable investment.

We’re there to offer you effective, trustworthy service for the construction, expansion and management of your individual real estate assets.

Our service doesn’t end with your real estate acquisition – it’s just the beginning!

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Upon request, Elbe & Spree can also safeguard the interests of the customer beyond the acquisition of the property. We can organise specialist companies and architects for you should you wish to modernise the property, we ensure sustainable tenant structures, and we support property owners with the specific procedures involved in their investments. We draw on the support of reputable and experienced cooperative partners to guarantee effective service that covers the entire life cycle of a property.

We already offer support to many foreign, national and international customers. Here, Elbe & Spree acts as an effective local partner.

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Even if long-term investment in real estate is the best foundation for financial security, there are still always situations in which a sale is necessary or desirable. Whether for the optimized adjustment of your real estate portfolio, the liquidation of inherited properties or simply a change of home. Our team of experts not only works for project developers, we also regularly help private real estate owners to optimally sell their property.

We guarantee effective marketing and a discreet approach to the buyer, and ensure a professional, target-oriented process under the best possible market conditions. We offer transparency during the commission process, with the seller kept informed about all procedures and interim findings, if so desired. Elbe and Spree remain at your side every step of the way until the transaction reaches its “happy ending”.

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From portfolio analysis and market evaluation to defining the sales strategy, making legal preparations and settlement monitoring. We are at your side to conscientiously and reliably support you at all stages up to the handover and final receipt of the purchase price; alternatively, we can also represent your interests completely, so that you need do no more than sign the purchase contract, initiated and checked for your safety by us, with the notary.


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“… >Agent-Name< is highly-competent, approachable, and easy to work with. He was responsive to our needs (vis-a-vis financing, legal ownership structure) - above and beyond simply brokering the deal; he helped explore creative, financially prudent solutions. We look forward to working with him again on our next investment in Berlin, hopefully in the very near future…”

Origin of the Buyer: USA, WestCoast Purpose of purchase: Holiday-Apartment Property-location: Berlin

“…Throughout the real estate purchasing process, we felt that presentation, communication and problem-solving was executed in a superb manner and felt well above standards...”

Origin of the Buyer: USA, EastCoast Purpose of purchase: Investment Property-location: Berlin

“…We found >Agent-Name<  very reliable. She is not in any way pushing for a deal, but building trust and confidence during communication. This location is very good..”

Origin of the Buyer: China Purpose of purchase: Investment Property-location: Hamburg

“…The genuine interest and care of the >agent-name<..Thank you for the great help and support. ..”

Origin of the Buyer: Netherlands Purpose of purchase: Holiday-Apartment Property-location: Berlin