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Elbe & Spree collaborates with experienced property and project development companies, in order to ensure, for our clients, sustainable property-options in long-term value-stable locations.

In total, our team has more than 75 years of experience in supporting private and professional property investors, as well as in the sale of project developments, new constructions, and privatised buildings in Hamburg and Berlin. Our ambition is to provide our clients an effective, individual, personal service with a focus for a long-term relationship.

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Based on intrinsic historical and economic facts, as well as personal experience, we are convinced that property assets, particularly residential properties, are the key to building an investment portfolio that offers the best possible independence and stability over time.

Sustainable properties with the right location are an ideal acquisition for securing and expanding your assets, providing you with effective pension provisions, and granting you long-term assets that can be sustained for generations to come.

We make it our goal to develop and expand your property assets at a stable value, to increase your passive income, and in doing so offer you more independence and financial security.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We live in a prosperous country where much is taken for granted, which is not even remotely available in other parts of the world. Elbe & Spree operates in the premium segment of residential and investment properties and serves as a service partner for national and international clients who invest in Hamburg and Berlin.

Children are the foundation of tomorrow´s society and so we annually use in the sense of our Corporate Social Responsibility, a part of our revenues for selected international SOS Children´s Villages.

In the field of environmental protection and sustainability, Elbe & Spree relates to business premises and offices exclusively green electricity from renewable energy sources.  Elbe & Spree supports various national and international environmental projects of approved suppliers and is member of the Association for Electric Mobility.

9.700 Euro for SOS Children Villages in 2015

Since 2015, SOS Children's Villages have been awarded on our behalf in the countries of Ethiopia, Philippines and Palestine with donations totaling € 9,700.

100% CO2-neutral company

Elbe & Spree is certified as a CO2-free company and supports relevant national and international environmental projects of natureOffice GmbH *.

100% green power

Elbe & Spree relates to business premises and offices exclusively green electricity from renewable energy sources. 100% green electricity Vattenfall.

CO2 Neutral Website

The Elbe & Spree website is CO2 Neutral on the Equalization system and climate projects of the Danish institute „CO2neutralwebsite.com“ CO2 neutral.