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Real Estate Hamburg: Live happily - invest wisely

Real estate is a home. They are the center of your life, your sense of well-being, the place of your individuality and creation.

In turbulent times, an ideal home offers security and safety. Historically, real estate has been the most stable capital investment. You as our client are at the center of everything we do.

We take time for your individual needs and wishes.
Are you looking for a new home? A valuable investment for passive income or capital preservation?

We accompany you reliably every step of the way and beyond the purchase. With an effective, trustworthy service in the development and expansion as well as the management of your individual real estate assets and with an alert eye for the individual aspects. And with profound knowledge for effective processes.


A safe haven

Facts about Hamburg

  • Highest immigration rates until 2050
  • One of the most livable cities worldwide
  • A very stable price level

According to a Global Wealth Report by the major Swiss bank UBS, Hamburg is Germany's "richest city". With 42,000 millionaires and 18 billionaires, Hamburg is at the top in relation to the total number of inhabitants. But even apart from the wealthy private households, Hamburg's diversified economy occupies top positions within Europe.

Hamburg is a flourishing business location, a globally important port city, the seat of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, the cradle of Nivea and Montblanc, the production site of Airbus and the headquarters of major insurance and media companies.

Various European institutes forecast that Hamburg will have the highest immigration rates in Europe until 2050. The Hamburg metropolitan region already has around five million inhabitants, and the city of Hamburg currently has almost two million inhabitants - and the trend is rising steadily.

And in the global ranking of the most livable cities, the Hanseatic city is among the ten cities with the highest quality of life worldwide according to the 2020 study by the London EIU Institute.

Thus, Hamburg's real estate market still has a very stable price level in a European comparison and continues to offer potential for "bubble-free", sustainable value stability and remains a safe "real estate haven".

Buying property in Hamburg: a very good idea

Historically, real estate has always been a solid and safe investment. Anyone who would like to build up and expand their assets in the future and, above all, secure them, should think about this. Because today, serious financial products often do not even allow for the preservation of assets. Therefore, anyone who wants to save and, above all, increase the wealth they have currently earned through diligence, should resolutely invest in real estate.

Elbe & Spree advises you on the topics of passive income through real estate, as well as capital preservation and inflation protection through real estate ownership!

Real estate ownership in Hamburg is safe and stable in value, it protects against inflation and even a possible currency reform.

Manage your own wealth accumulation with an investment property in Hamburg and take your old-age provision into your own hands!

Benefit from our individual advice

Are you interested in building up or expanding your real estate assets? Are you looking for effective concepts to build up a passive income with real estate of long-term value?

We will be happy to advise you! From owner to owner!

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