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In order to be able to inspire you with strikingly good service, we have created goal-oriented structures and brought together the right people. As a service company, we at Elbe & Spree are all experienced and committed experts that we manage all tasks related to real estate assets in the best possible way.

Attentively, responsibly, and dynamically we support you on the topics of house sale in Hamburg, sale of your real estate inheritance, apartment sale in Hamburg or the sale of your multi-family house. On the other hand, we also offer support for the purchase of your property as well as its improvement, renting and management.

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transparent, committed, success-oriented

Several factors decide on the achievable best price of a property. We analyze the chances of selling your house in Hamburg, your apartment in Hamburg or your apartment building on the basis of hard facts such as location, year of construction, size, equipment, condition, energy efficiency and more. Equally relevant are soft criteria such as aesthetic features, quality of life due to the nature of the environment including the neighborhood. In addition, there are factors that are not so clearly definable and yet are decisive in determining the price. As your experienced real estate agent in Hamburg, we recognize these factors during a site inspection.

Therefore: Let us advise you. By doing so, you do not enter into any obligation towards us. However, you will see that our focus is your success! With these steps we support you:

5 steps for your successful real estate sale


property inspection

Whether townhouse, apartment, or investment property: For an accurate market value assessment we inspect your property. Perhaps we only get to know each other at this appointment. Then it is especially important that you get to know us on a personal level. Because only mutual sympathy and trust lead to real success.



As soon as we know your property and all relevant property-related factors, we explain to you transparently how we determine the value: How is the market currently behaving? What are the needs of potential customers today? Which target group does your property appeal to? How is your property optimally positioned in the midst of the competitive real estate market? As an experienced real estate sales and private property broker in Hamburg, we know the answers - and use them as a basis to work with you to develop the right strategy for your property.


selling price

As soon as the optimal sales strategy is in place, we calculate a minimum sales price that guarantees success. Well-founded experience goes hand in hand with a data-based market analysis.

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Now, as an innovative team, we make full use of all the possibilities offered by modern - digital - real estate marketing: Elaborate exposés with professional photo and (drone) video recordings. 3D renderings. Home staging.

Whether you're selling a house in Hamburg, an apartment in Hamburg or an investment property, we'll show your property in such a way that all its attractions are recognized. Either online on real estate platforms - or offline only within an exclusive circle of interested parties.


reporting & closing

You appreciate transparency? So do we! That's why we keep you up to date on a weekly basis, if desired. Among other things, we analyze every viewing appointment so that you are well informed throughout the whole process.

Elbe & Spree combines all relevant competences to a reliable real estate service for private customers as well as real estate companies.

Service that is second to none.

Of course, our service promise also applies beyond the sale of your property. After handing over your property to the new owners, we also act as your long-term contact partner with the highest standards of satisfaction. For example, when advising you on new investment properties for inflation-protected passive income... After all, you have just taken a lot of profit.

Our service does not end with your real estate sale - it begins! When may we convince you of our work personally? Contact us for your free, no-obligation consultation.

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