Rental-Service - with a promise of advance performance

Change of tenants, quickly and in your interest: For our professional rental team it´s routine - performed with a lot of expertise and intuition. We quickly filter out an uncomplicated and solvent tenant of choice from the multitude of applications. Then the rental contract is already concluded, and through us the handover of your property is well regulated. Of course, we also make sure that your new tenant is a good match for you - and, in the case of an apartment building, that he or she fits in harmoniously with the structure of the residents.

Our promise of advance performance: The brokerage fee for the apartment brokerage is only due upon successful conclusion of the rental contract. Fee: 1 total rent incl. the legal value added tax.

Please keep in mind that you can claim all efforts related to the rental for tax purposes - but only if you delegate this task to us. This is because all brokerage costs are generally deductible - but not the time you spend yourself. Choose the most convenient way for you at a manageable financial cost - and reduced tax burden.

Contact us for an initial non-binding assessment of your property.


Responsible owner representation

We are also proven and in demand as owners' representatives. Our clients hire us because they live outside Hamburg, want special discretion - or simply appreciate the maximum of comfortable through our premium service. Because we keep everything away from an owner that arises in the everyday life of a rented property and must be regulated. We at Elbe & Spree coordinate creatively and with commitment all matters with third parties in place of the owner: from tradesmen or co-owners to administrators and tenants.

Elbe & Spree combines all relevant competences to a reliable real estate service for private clients as well as real estate companies.

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