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A new generation of real estate service providers - for the next generation of property owners

Young, innovative, motivated - and at the same time experienced and reliable: We at Elbe & Spree are united by a passion for real estate and the demand for profound service.

Since 2015, Elbe & Spree has been following a great claim: to inspire you! To this end, we have created structures and guiding principles that we fill with life anew every day.

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We stand for "Premium”

Elbe & Spree clearly stands for premium: premium real estate and premium service. Because the quality of property and service leads to a high quality of life and investment security: On the way to your new home and as an inhabitant of a premium property.

If you purchase an investment property, you will enjoy our service beyond a notarization. And your tenants - if you wish - will also receive our service. So that they, too, can enjoy a high quality of life by doing as little of their own work as possible, and so that your tenants stay for the long term. That pays off.

Expert advice from owner to owner

All consultants and sales staff are permanent employees and do not have to chase a quick commission. Our senior employees have already created a passive income for themselves through real estate. Therefore, they advise from actual practical experience.

Whether sale, purchase, support and administration or investment consulting for expansion as well as optimization of real estate assets: We at Elbe & Spree advise you honestly and expertly from owner to owner in the sense of a long-term successful business relationship.

Elbe & Spree combines all relevant competences to a reliable 360° real estate service for private clients as well as real estate companies.

The Elbe & Spree team

Honestly, you don't have to be a student to know that real estate assets are a powerful component of any portfolio. Just a look at one number is enough, and understanding it is very simple: up to 129% percent the value of real estate has increased in the past 10 years - especially in growth regions like Hamburg. According to zeit.de, the economic historian Moritz Schularick from Bonn has calculated that the assets of the top ten percent in Germany grew by about 1.5 trillion euros as a result. In times when the money supply is massively increasing due to various measures, one thing in particular is important - protection against inflation!

Reason enough to support you in building up or expanding your real estate assets of stable value. This is where our team comes in: After the obvious decision to buy a residential property for your own purposes or your asset portfolio, there are other essential points to consider. Now it's our trained expertise and exclusive property options that count: our expertise.

Our goal: your financial independence

Your financial independence thanks to the greatest possible value stability: this is the goal we pursue for you. That is why we advise you and act for you. Our advice starts with the selection of the right location and - in the case of non-owner-occupied properties - covers all aspects of leasing, management and value retention.

Together with us, you will get your dream property. Or you can build up and expand inflation-protected assets beyond your own use. Thanks to this passive income, you ideally lead a more comfortable life and invest in an effective and secure retirement provision. With lasting values over generations.

  • Mediation of a new home
  • Asset optimization
  • Advice on inherited real estate
  • Revitalization and new leasing of existing properties

Other fields are grouped around these central ones. Therefore: If you do not find your current need on this website, please contact us. And if we are not the perfect partner for your request, we certainly know an experienced and trustworthy network partner.

Our competences

We at Elbe & Spree are highly trained in all areas relevant to the real estate industry:

  • Real estate economists
  • Dipl. experts
  • Real estate specialists
  • Bankers and real estate agents
  • Interior designers
  • Due diligence experts

And as already mentioned: In order to expand our core competencies as needed, we maintain a top-class network of experts. This brings together innovative, experienced and reliable partners: architects' offices, tax firms, specialist lawyers, building contractors, specialist tradesmen and administrators. We all follow the same approach: your real estate assets are the focus of our dedicated work for you.

You can see: Elbe & Spree stands for real estate investments with stable value as well as for homes with a high quality of life. We deliver service at eye level for experienced property owners and sensitivity for the generation of future property owners.

Strong women at Elbe & Spree

Excerpts of our team

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Susanne Liss

Leitung Verkauf Wohnen // Immobilienfachwirtin

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Sandra Marszan

Leitung Back Office // Immobilienkauffrau (IHK)

Service also for real estate companies

With our 360° service around real estate we also support real estate companies. Take advantage of our fresh dynamics, our passion for innovative approaches and our experience.

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